TLC Originals For Sale


Every oil painting on canvas is created with a smile…which is hidden within the painting…as a reminder that no matter how tough things get…someone is always smiling with us. 🙂

Oil on canvas
Timeless Beauty 12×16  $125 ; Mount Kidd, Kananaskis Ab
Painting On The Edge 18×24  $300 (complete knife work) : Dinosaur Provincial Park, Ab
Sailing Out Of The Storm 18×24  $200
Awaiting The Power 12×16  $175 : Pyramid Lake, Jasper
True love will stand the test of time and weather all storms!
Rock Solid True Love 12×16  $400 :  Maligne Canyon, Jasper
A quiet little nook to breathe deeply and feel free!
A Soothing Spot To Breathe 18×24  $225
A Frozen Whisper 16×20  $250 : Vermillion Lakes, Banff
Guardians Of The Hot Springs
Guardians of the Hot Springs 12×16  $175 : Radium Hot Springs, BC
Artist's view of Lake Louise
A Blissful Escape 12×16  $125 : Lake Louise, Banff
Artist's rendition of Moraine Lake
“My Happy Place”,  18×24. $300 : Moraine Lake, Banff National Park (SOLD)
Fun With Dad!  18×24 (SOLD)
A Gaspesian Lighthouse 18×24 (SOLD)
The Unifying Strength Of Sisters, 12×16  $125 : The Three Sisters Mountains in Canmore  (SOLD)
“Turquoise Delight”,  12×16  $125 : Moraine Lake, Banff National Park (SOLD)
“A Green Dream”  12×16  $125 : Rawson Lake, Upper Kananaskis